The facilities of education has experienced greater amount of changes during the last few decades. The introduction and growth of online education institutions have added more options for the aspiring students. There is no doubt that undergoing an online course is certainly good and beneficial for the students for many reasons. However, there are certain disadvantages as well that every student must know and ponder over and over again before joining an online course.

Campus education is more focused towards the involvement of the students. These students are required to join these classes on an everyday basis that is why they are required to follow a strict daily schedule for themselves. This strict daily schedule must bring a dedication in their attitude and they are able to focus towards their courses more seriously. Probably, that is why the rate of success in the offline courses is reasonably higher than the online courses.

Since the students remain in direct contact with their university or college, they seldom need to sit with the computers. These computers are certainly beneficial but they also have one disadvantage. Since they get a computer with the high speed Internet connection, they attract the attention of the students towards different things that are extremely harmful for them. The availability of social networking websites and other sites that offer highly objectionable materials are sufficient to do the damage.

The Disadvantages Of Online Internet Based Education SystemThe students who attend their classes regularly are benefitted by the lectures and notes (I higly recommend you to make sure you take notes properly) of the professors and other teachers who attend their cases on a regular manner. These lectures are highly informative and they have the capacity to make the students understand their subject in more positive way. The online students do not get these lectures and that is why they lose something which can be very vital for them. The students who spend their classes in direct contact with these lecturers and professors are certainly more able to sort out their problems more effectively than the online students. The personal interaction with the lecturers and professors are of great value for the regular students. That is why the students who join these career courses through the contact or classroom mode are more benefitted and that is why they register more success in the end.

The students, who join the courses through the classroom mode, are able to avail more facilities with comparison of the online students. They are able to avail the libraries, computer and science laboratories as and when they need to clear their doubts. They are eligible to spend more time in the libraries that are certainly more beneficial for them. Their direct access to the audio visual materials in the library can be even more beneficial for them. These materials are prepared by experts and that is why there can be no question against their utility and importance. These facilities are also available to the online students, but their access is limited. Due to these reasons, the students who join the course in direct contact classes are slightly ahead of the online students.